At RVA4Wellness, we provide an integrative approach to growth and healing.  We offer various services at our wellness centers aimed at strengthening you physically, mentally, and spiritually.  At our wellness studio at Tomahawk Baptist Church, we offer the following services: 

Quarterly Seminars. Topical seminars will focus on timely mental health issues that many face personally or within their families. 

Weekly Discussion Groups. Free one-hour online and in-person group discussions will allow attendees to experience a taste of the group coaching model.  Discussion content will come from Johanna’s weekly inspirational blog, released every Friday at 8 p.m. EST. 

Group Coach. Another low-cost option available is a group model that brings together small groups with similar challenges and goals.  Those included in this model benefit from walking in their journey with others. 

One-on-One Coaching.  For those ready for a season of intense growth, Johanna offers one-on-one coaching that highlights intentional growth and 100% focus. 

About Johanna

Everyone knows where and when grief starts.  These moments are embedded into our minds.  But what’s next?  How do you move on, move through, or get better at living with grief? 

Johanna Stamps can help.  She is a certified PCCCA Grief Coach and an ICF-trained Life Coach through Professional Christian Coaching Institute.  After 25 years of working in people-centered roles in corporations in the US and Africa, Johanna entered this field with a passion for working with leaders and entrepreneurs. 

As a Life Coach (primarily focused on grief and transitions), she walks clients through life’s most challenging moments. Ultimately, she aims to help her clients not return to a life similar to what they experienced before their loss but instead move further into the life God created for them. 

She works with clients who are grieving any significant loss, from the loss of a child, spouse, job, health, and so much more. Johanna lives by the motto: “If you loved it and lost it, then grieve it.” 

Beyond one-on-one coaching, Johanna also facilitates grief groups and retreats, allowing groups to leap forward in their understanding and experience of grief. 

She enjoys connecting with people via her weekly grief-focused inspirational blog. 

Outside her profession of Grief Coaching, Johanna’s favorite vocation is raising her son to be the person God created him to be. 

Johanna is an alumnus of American University in Washington, DC, where she obtained degrees in Public Communication and Business.  She is continuing studies in Mental Health and Psychology.