Our Story

TBC is always forward-looking: How can our church community impact the world for Christ? It's a mindset that has its foundation in centuries of Christian community.

We were founded in 1776 and are one of the oldest continuous communities of worship in Virginia. Our rich heritage is a source of wisdom, strength, family and love as our current church community follows Christ's guidance to build new legacies for the Kingdom of God and shape the next generation of children, teens and families for Jesus Christ.

Our Worship Facilities

Our main worship center is a modern house of worship, yet stepping on TBC grounds has a special sense of history conveyed from the many years of Christian community. We have a secondary chapel that is used for special worship experiences, where parts of the original construction are intact and on display. 

It is the blend of old and new -- Christian relics and current, relevant teaching -- that makes TBC a unique community to grow, love and serve.