conversations that matter

The Conversations That Matter Series:

The world around us is quickly changing, and sometimes it can feel difficult to keep up with the pace of change. We're here to help, and want to serve our community by tackling the topics that matter most today. From time to time, we will host experts for the benefit of our church family and this community, and invite you to join us when the topic is of interest to you. 

Conversations that Matter is a series of free seminars that are meant to benefit our community. Details below on upcoming speakers and topics. Want to know more specifics about an upcoming seminar? Feel free to contact us for more information. We hope to see you soon!

Teen driver safety event


Due to the forecast of inclement weather this Saturday (May 11, 2019) this event is being postponed.  The event utilizes a wide variety of technology that is not suited for the rain, so the providers and partners have deemed it best for the equipment to postpone to a later date.  Please be on the lookout for details on a new date as we reschedule this Conversation that Matters!

StateFarm and YOVASO are teaming up with TBC to host a fun and informative interactive teen driving safety event. Using technology and a real crash scene, teens will see firsthand how distracted driving is dangerous. Teens with a learners permit or license can also participate in an impaired driving simulator. Don't miss this opportunity to engage in a community conversation that matters.

  • Teens have the highest rate of crashes in any age group of drives.
  • 58% of car crashes involving teens are the result of distracted driving.

ScanEd: Physics of a Crash

A wrecked car will be set up with QR codes affixed to areas and contents of the car (such as a cell phone, beer can, seat belt, etc.). Students then use a an iPad to scan the codes for information. This interactive, hands-on approach will teach teens and youth the dangers associated with unsafe driving and unsafe passenger behaviors. ScanEd was developed by the Blue Ridge Crash Investigation Team, a program of the Blue Ridge Transportation Safety Board.

Distracted/Impaired Driving Simulator

A golf cart simulator will allow students to navigate through a cone course while texting on their phones, engaging in other distractions, or wearing DUI goggles. Trooper Snodgrass, a Virginia State Police trooper will be accompanying the driver.  While participating, the students are able to engage with each other and law enforcement in dialogue about safe and responsible driving and passenger safety. This allows students to experience first-hand the dangers of distracted/impaired driving while in a controlled environment.