Bible study @ TBC

On Sunday mornings at 9:50am, groups gather to study Scripture and apply it to their lives. Some of these groups are organized by interest, others group up by age or life circumstance. Below is a listing of groups who are currently studying the Bible together each Sunday morning - all groups are open to visitors! 


    This group is discussion-driven in their study of Scripture, and most participants are in their 60's or 70's. Agape explores theological concepts from a moderate Baptist perspective.

  • college and young adult group

    This summer, those in college and their 20's are gathering for discussion about how faith works out in daily life. With a teaching time and lots of discussion, this group is growing. There are also donuts..

  • genesis

    A multi-generational group who gathers to discuss Scripture with a focus on building relationships and engaging a missional lifestyle as followers of Christ.

  • friendship

    This couples-group consists primarily of those in their fifties through seventies. Lively discussion about Scripture from a moderate Baptist perspective.

  • Men's Class

    Senior men gather in this group to discuss the Bible, with an emphasis on moving through Scripture, chapter by chapter. These men encourage one another in daily Christian life, and also serve actively together as needs arise at TBC.

  • open circle

    Parents of kids and teens comprise this group, who meets each week to encourage one another in the journey of parenting and to share Scripture or study a book together.